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Additional Youth Programs

Using the model of the National Youth Dance Program and Youth Baseball Program, we have recently begun and/or are developing programs in Art, Basketball, Fishing, Martial Arts, Soccer, and other special community events as positive alternatives to drug abuse for youth.

These programs will continue to incorporate our important youth curriculum topics including:

  1. Youth and Drug Abuse: Statistics and harmful effects of drugs on youth

  2. Building Self-Esteem: Through opportunities to learn new skills

  3. Team-Building: Working together to make healthy choices

  4. Self-Expression: Safe environment to explore feelings through physical activity

  5. Local Story: Hometown drug and violence issues

  6. Healthy Lifestyle: Movement, nutrition, and a drug-free body

  7. Responsibility & Academics: Commitment, respect and modeling good behavior

  8. Resisting Peer Pressure: Learn language and self-esteem to say no to drugs

  9. Living Their Dreams: Positive risks that build confidence

  10. Community Involvement: Become positive role models in their community

In addition, these new endeavours provide further opportunities for our partners such as DEA, drug prevention organizations, and community leaders to share their knowledge and experiences to educate young people about the dangers of drug use and abuse.

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