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2019 Message from the Chairman

2019 was a very busy year. The Foundation was able to make a tremendous impact in our communities through our youth programs, the traveling museum, symposia, and educational events. These important projects have been made possible due to our generous donors and supporters, as well as through our valuable partnership with DEA. In 2019, the Foundation met with DEA and is pleased to have established a renewed long-term relationship and agreement officially recognizing the Foundation as an important partner and allowing us to continue to utilize the title: “DEA Educational Foundation.” This agreement allows us to support each other in our critical efforts of defeating drug abuse and providing positivity in our communities. The Foundation worked hand in hand with DEA in 2019 to reach thousands of additional youth across the country by reinforcing the impact of the Red Ribbon Campaign at the behest of DEA Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon, reaching communities through DEA’s 360 Strategy (a program designed to impact community response to the Opioid Epidemic), Youth Summits, and in joining efforts to reach entire communities through the DEA Museum.

Youth after-school programming continues to be one of the Foundation’s greatest strengths. These programs provide a healthy outlet in a safe location, under the supervision of positive mentors, especially during the critical hours of 3-6 pm. As a result of the success of our detailed and vetted processes, we have been able to grow our after-school footprint with new programs that enhance our reach by adding to the DEA Educational Foundation’s flagship, the historic Youth Dance Program. The Foundation now offers additional after-school programming including art, baseball, martial arts, soccer, and in 2020, youth basketball. After-school martial arts was suggested by DEAEF Board Member Walter Wang and supported through a pilot program by DEA’s 360 Strategy in California and Ohio. Finally, an after-school baseball pilot program in five cities was made possible through a generous contribution from the CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation in Taiwan and the local U.S. China Trust Bank. The testimonials from the baseball program have been so positive, the Foundation plans to not only maintain the program, but expand this existing new opportunity for children.

These important projects have been made possible due to our generous donors and supporters, as well as through our valuable partnership with DEA.

In other exciting 2019 news, the Foundation was able to seat two new board members, Tom Harrigan and Haywood (Woody) Talcove, introduced at the NYC DEA Educational Foundation event. Tom and Woody come with incredible credentials which you can see on the following pages. All of us at the Foundation welcome Tom and Woody and know they will help us to continue to make a tremendous impact on diminishing drug abuse in our communities.

Finally, a special thanks to Board Members Walter Wang and EJ Milken, as well as regional chairs, foundation and individual donors, for their generous support of our DEAEF Youth Dance Program, “One Step at a Time” Campaign which will come to a close at the end of 2020. Your dedication has helped the Foundation to grow the dance program to new heights and reach many additional schools on our waitlist.

I look forward to reaching even more of our nation’s youth and communities in the coming year. Thanks to all of our supporters for making it possible.

William F. Alden Chairman of the Board DEA Educational Foundation


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