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Meredith Liepelt

Evaluations and Media
Meredith Liepelt

Meredith Liepelt, CEO of Rising Star Publicity, has guided thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs to unearth, execute, and communicate their big ideas. Since 2012, Meredith has consulted with the DEA Educational Foundation with a focus on the national Youth Dance Program. Over the years, her work has covered a variety of projects including teaching dance classes, launching programs in new cities, creating annual reporting for the DEA Educational Foundation Board, delivering training to dance companies, guiding media coverage, and more. As a speaker, author, and business coach, Meredith thrives on guiding leaders with a big mission to spread their messages and mission, so they are noticed and celebrated. She lives outside of Columbus, Ohio and continues to invest her talents into helping the DEA Educational Foundation with its important mission of drug abuse prevention.

“One of the best things about this program is getting to see the kids dance and express themselves. Growing up, I admired my dance teachers and wanted to emulate them, so having healthy and positive role models like this in the DEAEF YDP is so important! It expands their worlds, opens up possibilities and opportunities, and gives them a new way of thinking and being.”

This blog series celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of the DEA Educational Foundation Youth Dance Program.

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