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Jodi Obeid

Regional Manager—DEAEF YDP for OH and PA
Jodi Obeid

Jodi Obeid is the Regional Manager for the DEAEF Youth Dance Program in Arkansas, Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia where she resides. Jodi is a dance educator who believes deeply in the mission of the program and that all children should have opportunities for movement and self-expression. In 1999 Jodi was part of the first dance company that performed, taught, and developed the curriculum for what is now the DEAEF Youth Dance Program. Jodi has a Masters Degree in Dance from the American University and a BA in French and Dance from Goucher College. Jodi has worked as a dance professor and teaching artist of contemporary dance in universities, public schools and theater art programs for the past 15 years. She is a performing artist and choreographer that creates characteristic narratives through movement for dance. Jodi also finds passion within the program in offering her creative contributions to curriculum development and teacher training.

“The DEAEF Youth Dance Program brings great programming through community performances, consistent mentors through dance teachers, and both a creative and physical outlet for self expression and teamwork to youth across the country on a weekly basis. This impactful program gives opportunities to students to participate in much needed activities while teaching them healthy life skills and making good choices. It has been a great pleasure to watch this program grow over the past 10 years.”

This blog series celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of the DEA Educational Foundation Youth Dance Program.

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