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Jill L. Roberts

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

President & CEO, DEAEF and Founder, DEAEF YDP
Jill L. Roberts

Jill L. Roberts currently serves as the President and CEO for the DEA Educational Foundation overseeing the day-to-day operation and strategy for the DEAEF. Jill is the founder of the DEAEF Youth Dance Program and youth program model that was brought to the DEAEF in 2012.

Prior to her role with the DEA Educational Foundation, Jill studied psychology, pre-medicine and biology at Georgetown University (graduating in 1995,) all while furthering her exploration and love for dance by co-directing the Georgetown University Dance Company and choreographing for many university theater productions. After college Jill worked full-time as a director in the School of Business at Georgetown University and remained active in dance by teaching children and adults at Joy of Motion and Holton Arms School, as well as serving as Chairman of the Board of Joy of Motion and the Founder and Director of the Soles of Steel Dance Company in Washington, D.C. Jill performed in and choreographed for various D.C. projects and was a performing company member for Jazzdanz.dc and CityDance Ensemble.

In September of 1999, Jill became the Founder and Director of the D.A.R.E.® America Dance Program, a nation-wide after-school program established to bring dance into high-risk schools as a positive alternative to drugs and gang violence. In December of 2000, Jill took on a larger role with D.A.R.E. as National Director of all after-school programs, D.A.R.E. P.L.U.S., and of The National Youth Advisory Board. In Jill’s free time, she volunteered at the Lombardi Cancer Center, in Washington D.C., developing a stretch/movement program for cancer patients through dance therapy, and for staff through a weekly “stress reduction” stretch/movement class. This program still exists today under the Arts and Humanities Program at Lombardi Cancer Center.

“From the very first dance class that I took when I was eight years old after school at my public elementary school, I knew dance was impactful in the way it makes you feel, in the encouragement to work together with other students, in its ability to make you happy. Since that time I have worked to bring dance as an outlet to communities, senior citizens, cancer patients and youth in need of a positive outlet. It is an honor to have had the DEA Educational Foundation embrace the DEAEF Youth Dance Program ten years ago, creating the template for all of our youth programs nationwide. I look forward to the dance program continuing to grow and to provide hope and a healthy outlet for youth for years to come.”

In 2004, Jill moved to Los Angeles where she continued her role with D.A.R.E. America and became a member of the Milken Young Leaders Circle and accepted an ex-officio board position with the Drug Enforcement Administration Educational Foundation (DEAEF) as a Youth Executive Council Member. In August of 2009, Jill received the “President’s Call to Service Award” from President Obama for her 4,000+ hours of service to the community in her lifetime. Since her move to Los Angeles, Jill has taken on several other philanthropic roles, such as Secretary, Vice President, President and Advisor of the Corpus Christ School PSA Board (2015-2021), a member of the Corpus Christi Parish Advisory Council (2019-2020,) an advisor for Arts For All, Inc in New York City and a member of the Alumni Admissions Program for Georgetown University (2020-2021 and 2021-2022.)

In 2012, Jill took on an active staff role with the DEA Educational Foundation as the National Director of the DEA EF Youth Dance Program. Then, in 2017, Jill moved into the role of Senior Vice President for the Foundation managing all youth programming, assisting with operations, strategy, budget and more. And, in her greatest venture to date, Jill moved into the role of President and CEO for the foundation September 1, 2020. Jill is thrilled to continue her important community work by reaching individuals through drug-abuse prevention education and youth through impactful after-school and mentorship programs. Jill is proud to remain an active parent participant at CCS, a sophomore class representative for Louisville High School and happily remains busy in her personal life with her husband, two young children and large extended family.

This blog series celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of the DEA Educational Foundation Youth Dance Program.

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