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PLA Media is thrilled to announce its involvement with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Educational Foundation for a fundraising event set to take place in October during Red Ribbon Week.

The DEA Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a goal to educate the public on the costs and consequences of illegal drugs in society. The organization commonly hosts fundraising dinners and virtual events to help drive donations for the Educational Foundation’s services.

This October, the DEA is working with PLA Media to secure celebrity collaborations in the form of pre-recorded messages and songs to present during the fall fundraising event. The virtual presentation will be hosted by renowned country artist and Broadway star Gary Morris.

“I’ve known Bill Alden with the DEA Educational Foundation for 30 years,” said Gary Morris. “I’ve done performances for the DEA from LA to New York. I'm excited about this fundraising event and look forward to bringing some of my music friends in along with me.”

PLA Media’s Founder and President, Pam Lewis, is delighted to be working with a non-profit with such a moving cause. “When Gary Morris called us about this project, we immediately wanted to get involved,” Lewis said. “The wide array of successful programs they fund to inspire and encourage youth through the arts is inspiring.”

DEA Educational Foundation CEO & Chairman, Bill Alden, is eager to explore opportunities for the fundraiser with PLA Media. “We are excited to create our partnership between the DEA Educational Foundation, Gary Morris, and PLA Media to help every parent and child see and feel the country’s drug abuse and misuse crisis, before it strikes their own home.” Alden said. “Country music performers contributions will be invaluable in helping the DEA Educational Foundation continue its mission to communities everywhere with our Youth Dance Program, other after school activities, scholarships and traveling museum.”

For more information on the DEA Educational Foundation, visit Stay tuned for more information from PLA Media and the DEA on the organization’s October celebrity-filled event.

About the DEA Educational Foundation The Drug Enforcement Administration Educational Foundation (DEA EF)  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a goal to educate the public on the costs and consequences of illegal drugs in society. The foundation supports the DEA through outreach, advocacy, and educational programs. With youth mentorship programs like the Youth Dance Program, the DEA EF provides free afterschool activities to promote fun, healthy, and expressive art forms in over fifty cities. Traveling museum exhibits create interactive experiences for students, teachers, and parents to learn about the costs and consequences of illegal drug use. The foundation has also been working on a new development called The RX Factor, which is a 1,000 square foot exhibit housed entirely inside a high-tech tractor trailer truck. The RX Factor will tour the U.S. to educate the public on the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

The DEA Educational Foundation completes its mission and goals surrounding drug education and alternatives through contributions, both large and small. Through its many programs and seminars, the DEA EF aims to encourage young people to avoid the consequences of drug addiction. “Behind every gift there is a story filled with compassion, combined with a fervent desire to be a part of an organization that educates our children, our teachers, and our families about the dangers of drug abuse,” Drug Enforcement Administration Educational Foundation.

For more information on the DEA Educational Foundation, visit


For more information or to get your artists or personalities involved with the October fundraiser, please contact Mark Logsdon at or 615-739-4916. 

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