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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Dear Friends of the Foundation:

During these unusual and challenging times of the pandemic, the DEA Educational Foundation feels it is more important than ever to reach our communities. With the initial shutdown in spring of 2020, we quickly adapted to reaching our students virtually and provided critical education, positive messaging and fun and healthy activities through strong mentorship. Today, as schools have begun to re-open across the country we will continue to reach youth and our communities through a combination of in-person, hybrid, and virtual programming. We have adapted to reaching our students in effective ways, as their school and district allows. Protocol has been developed within the Foundation to safeguard our instructors, coaches, partners and students, all while carefully reviewing and following federal, state and local mandates. The Foundation will continue to evaluate the situation closely and will continue to work hard to accomplish our main goal of reaching students with positive alternatives to drug abuse through healthy, self-expressive and meaningful programming.

William F. Alden


Jill L. Roberts

President and CEO

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