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DEA Educational Foundation Proud to Sponsor the Boys & Girls Club in Boston

The DEA Educational Foundation is proud to sponsor the Boys & Girls Club in Boston, MA which is run by former DEA Special Agent Paul Doyle.

In the above photo, DEA New England ASAC Mark Skeffington, Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester MA VP of Programming Mike Joyce, Boston Police Dept. Superintendent Nora Baston, Father Conway, Former DEA Special Agent and Fight program coordinator Paul Doyle, DEA New England SAC Brian Boyle and Former DEA Special Agent, Treasurer and CFO of the DEA Educational Foundation Daniel Staffieri.

June 7, 2019

Mr. Daniel Staffieri

CFO and Treasurer

DEA Educational Foundation

2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Suite 165

Washington, DC 20006

Dear Mr. Staffieri,

On any given day, our Clubhouses are filled with sounds of toddlers grasping their first words, preschool children cultivating new friendships, school-age members discovering new interests, and caring adults offering encouragement and advice to teens. Your support of Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester helps sustain this positive community where every child has a safe place to learn and grow. You'll see children of all ages and abilities taking part in art, music, film, athletics, aquatics, education, leadership programs and so much more.

We serve over 4,000 at-risk youth each year, offering 200 programs at three clubhouse sites, all for an annual membership fee of only $5. It costs over $1,900 per member to provide these services. Your generous contribution of $1,000 towards the boxing program helps ensure all our members realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

In our monthly newsletters, we will bring you stories of the children's lives you are changing. If you have any further questions regarding our work, please don't hesitate to contact us at 617-288-7􀀝20 or visit our website at for more information and to register to receive our emails.

On behalf of the children and families we serve at Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester, thank you!

With gratitude,

Robert A. Scannell, Jr. President & CEO


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