Endowment Fund

Building an endowment fund is an essential responsibility of any non-profit organization. Gifts to the endowment are critical because they provide the financial security of permanent funding. Unlike gifts made for immediate use, endowed gifts continue to give over time.

Donations are placed into an account from which the annual investment earnings are used to promote the mission of the DEA Educational Foundation, which is that through education, eyes can be opened to the myriad costs of illegal drugs to individuals, American society and the world. Gifts to the endowment fund will enable you to make a lasting impression on the DEA Educational Foundation in perpetuity.

Governed by the DEA Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors, the endowment corpus, or principal, is never spent, but is allowed to grow with careful financial management. The establishment of the endowment fund paves the way to ensure that the DEA Museum has the consistent and permanent funding required to maintain its excellent programs and services. Further gifts will allow the fund to grow and strengthen our ability to deliver the message of the dangers of drug abuse.


If you are interested in discussing gifts to the endowment fund, please contact Bill Alden, Chairman and CEO at 540-729-2551.

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