Annual Fund

The goals and objectives of the DEA Educational Foundation will be achieved only if the Annual Fund continues to grow.

Every year, you have the opportunity to make a difference with your annual gift to the DEA Educational Foundation. Presently, there are two Donor Gift Clubs at the annual level. They are:

The Administrator’s Cabinet

The Administrator’s Cabinet is the DEA Educational Foundation’s most powerful vehicle for sustained annual donor support. Its members understand the value of annual giving, which helps to provide the resources and flexibility to address the areas of greatest need. Members of the Administrator’s Cabinet allow the Museum to maintain its position as the preeminent institution for providing a unique learning environment for the public on the myriad costs and consequences of illegal drugs to individuals, American society, and the world.

The Administrator’s Cabinet offers two tiers of membership:

Founding Member: Founding Members make an initial gift of $5,000, followed by a commitment of $1,000 for a period of five years. This prestigious group of donors are bound by their shared commitment to aggressively support emerging and strategic priorities.

Traditional: Traditional membership requires a contribution of $1,000 a year for a period of five years. Your tax-deductible contribution when combined with other Members, provides support to advance the DEA Museum’s distinctive mission.

All members of the Administrator’s Cabinet receive the following benefits:

  • Your name listed on a newly created plaque at DEA Headquarters, with Founding Members listed on top.
  • Special listing of Adminsitrator’s Cabinet members on display at all Target America traveling exhibits.
  • A “suitable for hanging” memento symbolic of your membership level.
    Invitation to join the Administrator at an annual breakfast meeting.
  • Periodic newsletter from the Administrator discussing current initiatives regarding DEA, global efforts in the fight against drugs, and recent success stories from the field.
  • Invitation to all DEA Museum and Foundation special gatherings and events throughout the country.
  • Commemorative keepsake ID card, acknowledging your gift.
  • 10% discount on purchases from the DEA Museum Gift Shop.

If you would like to join the Administrator’s Cabinet today, please go to the GIVE NOW page, and make a credit card gift of either $5,000 for Founding Membership, or $1,000 for Traditional Membership.

“Your generosity will enable us to build upon the foundation laid by those who came before us, and set the pace for those who follow.”

Peter Bensinger, Former DEA Administrator

The Inner Circle

Did you know that a $100 unrestricted gift contributes as much to the annual budget as a $2,000 endowed fund gift? Yes, your annual unrestricted gift of $100 to the Inner Circle is that important!

You can become a member of the DEA Inner Circle by making an annual commitment of $100 for a five-year period. Your tax-deductible annual contribution of $100 for five years will allow the Museum to continue to offer the finest in educational exhibits and services. As a Member of the Inner Circle, you will:

  • Have your name listed on the Inner Circle Plaque, displayed at DEA Headquarters while a copy travels with our Target America exhibit.
  • Receive a commemorative keepsake ID card, acknowledging your gift.
  • Receive a 10% discount on purchases from the DEA Museum Gift Shop.
  • Receive Invitations to select special events at the DEA Museum and at the Target America traveling exhibit.

If you would like to become a member of the Inner Circle today, please go to the GIVE NOW page, and make a credit card gift of $100.

Additional Questions?

If you additional questions about the DEA Educational Foundation’s Annual Fund, please contact Bill Alden, Chairman and CEO at 540-729-2551.

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