The Rx Factor

The Rx Factor Exhibit

Fundraising Initiative 2012-2013

The Rx Factor Mobile Exhibit

Educating the American Public on the Fastest Growing Drug Problem Facing our Country Today, Prescription Drug Abuse

The Rx Factor: the Drug Dealer is Closer Than You Think mobile exhibit builds upon the commitment of the DEA Museum and the DEA Educational Foundation to provide the absolute finest method of drug abuse education possible. The Rx Factor exhibit will demonstrate graphically both the short and long-term effects of prescription drug abuse while at the same time creating a dialogue between students, families, parents and teachers, thus giving teens a chance to interact peer to peer and with adults they trust.

To jumpstart the Rx Factor initiative, a leadership gift was presented by David and Gail Katz and the SAVE A STAR Foundation, in honor and memory of their 25 year old son, Daniel, who five months earlier had died of a prescription drug overdose. Their gift was used to fund a feasibility study to explore and develop a truly mobile experience; one that will move around the country to schools, state fairs, festivals, sporting venues and conferences, carrying the message of the costs and consequences of prescription drug abuse to millions of American children, parents and teachers.

Housed in a 53’ double expandable trailer supported by a 48’ gooseneck trailer, the Rx Factor will provide the greatest amount of useable space available in a mobile exhibit. Additionally, it will allow for a theatre/presentation experience without using valuable space inside the main exhibit trailer. This turnkey operational exhibit will have a climate controlled interior, allowing for operation in most weather scenarios. Also, it will have a ramped entrance and exit, allowing for handicapped accessibility.

The Rx Factor Exhibit on display

Recognizing that a traveling exhibit provides the ability to deliver significant impact on the message of the dangers of prescription drug abuse to communities across the country, the DEA Museum, the DEA Educational Foundation, and the SAVE A STAR Foundation have united to design and develop a mobile experience that communicates the message that though innocent looking, the misuse and mixing of prescription drugs is very dangerous and can be deadly. The exhibit will drive home the point “what you don’t know can literally kill you.”

Once we have been successful in securing funding for the Rx Factor, our goal is to have the Rx Factor appear at a range of “critical mass” events across the country, such as state fairs, festivals, and sporting venues. Likewise, the dynamic environment of the Rx Factor would be able to serve audiences such as inner-city youth, rural Americans, and the elderly, as well as audiences that would not travel to science centers or museums. Data shows that over the course of a single year, a mobile exhibit on the road has more than fourteen million visual impressions, and that more than 80% of those viewers have one to three children.

The DEA Educational Foundation’s mobile Rx Factor exhibit is designed to open eyes to the myriad costs of prescription drugs to individuals, American society and the world. The exhibit provides essential evidence showing that each and every one of us can make a difference.


If you would be interested in learning more about the Rx Factor, including sponsorship level opportunities, please contact Bill Alden, Chairman and CEO at 540-729-2551.

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